vanilla kiss.

vanilla kiss.

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there's nothing vanilla and everything vanilla about this kiss. just one smell, one swatch, one kiss will leave you wanting much more.

lusciously whipped with a touch of vanilla boasts organic madagascar or tahitian vanilla beans. this creamy body butter quickly absorbs into your skin leaving you feeling silky, hydrated and lusciously delicious. the faint scent of vanilla along with the other butters and essential oils smell divine.

some benefits of whole vanilla beans:

  • mood enhancing scent
  • relaxes nervous tension
  • prevents or helps with mild depression and PMS
  • optimizes neurotransmitter function for optimal serotonin and dopamine production
  • regulates healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels

vanilla beans are naturally rich in magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium and an aphrodosiac. the benefits are numerous; the scent is soft and subtle. your skin will thank you. 

butters of shea, mango, aloe vera, cocoa;
oils of coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, argan, castor, extra virgin oil;  
vanilla bean and vanilla oil.

  • handcrafted
  • no animal testing
  • no synthetic fragrance
  • no phthalates
  • paraben-free
  • hexane-free
  • gluten-free
  • vegan

*size is based on jar size only
*our kisses last for three months

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